Non-fancy privacy policy

ArtNeedsFriends is a beta, so we're still kind of feeling our way through this. So with this in mind, here is our non-fancy privacy agreement. We've even put it in point form.

  • Data: Your personal data is important. It belongs to you. We won't sell it, but we might use your preferences (your skills) to work out where to focus our attention or to use in a generalised form to tempt potential advertisers.
  • Cookies: Cookies are everywhere, and you probably haven't noticed them. This site is built on WordPress, believe it or not, so it contains a few cookies it needs by default. We'll do our best to make sure those cookies don't follow you around.
  • Security: ArtNeedsFriends uses HTTPS security. It's the web standard, and we think it's pretty secure, but that doesn't make it impenetrable, so perhaps avoid putting any nuclear codes in here, Mr Trump, just in case.
  • Logs: If you want to make something better, you need to see how it's used and the best way to do that is by keeping a log of what is happening and from where. We're not aiming to use this for any malicious purpose, just to make the site better and to help it out when it's down. We hope you understand.
  • Passwords: Choose a password unique to this site and try to make it complicated. If you forget it, you can always reset it.
  • Be nice: This isn't 4Chan or Reddit, and it's not a comment feed on a news site. Instead, it's a website for people who want to make things. They might send you messages you don't want; people are like that. Just be sure to be nice. The only time you need to break a bridge is if there is a Balrog in the middle of it.

That's about it. But if you have any questions, just hit us up.