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Hello. I’ve been doing various music & visual art projects for almost 40 years. The material is so varied, it’s difficult to explain. Check out my SoundCloud page.
Many people are encouraging me to find new collaborators. Dance groups that are looking for expressive music that no one has heard before, or film makers looking for exquisitely unique soundtrack material.
Pub gigs, art space performances, arts festival projects, film soundtracks & so on.
My self-defined genre is called Deathgum. It is informed by post-punk, industrial, ritualistic, ambient/dark ambient, primal, high tech/low res, abstract constructions that are fully real-time recordings. Surrealist. Listen on SoundCloud & contact me if it piques your interest. Peace


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New music projects with long-term colleagues; Declan, Marty, Ingo & my solo output. Digitization & editing of archival material.

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